Welcome to examples section of Agile Toolkit


Before you can use the examples, you need to set up database. Follow theese steps:

  1. Create a new MySQL database.
  2. Enable mod_rewrite for this directory (and examine .htaccess files if examples don't work)
  3. Import file schema.sql into your database.
  4. Edit file config.php and enter your MySQL username, password and database name there.
  5. Delete "examples" directory if you are no longer need it.

Select one of the bundled examples below:

  1. Blog Example — Demonstrates how to build dual interfaces with different templates and access control. This example avoids use of Models, to show you how you can create application withouth them.
  2. Blog Example with Models — Does exactly same thing like last example, but this time it properly uses Models.
  3. DVDRental — Project which is focused on functionality rather than look. DVDRental implements a simple DVD Rental Management application based on 4 tables.
  4. website — Completely custom HTML for your own homepage. This example takes HTML and CSS from css Zen Garden and integrates it with Agile Tolokit. Of course we still wish to use email-sending contact form.